Vamos A Carnaval Is The 4th Episode Of SASASAWBK

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Act One: Macey Throws A Party Edit

It Was A Normal Day At FUNK-O-RADIO Studio....Toejam And His Crew Are Bored...And All Of The Sudden.....Cam Popped Up (Who Is High On Vodkas) Along With Macey (With Her Vodka) They Both Say They Wanted To Create A Song So All Of The Superstars Are Drinking Vodka One Hour Later....They Finished Drinking Vodka Especially Paper Pat Who Is Drunk By Drinking Too Much Of Them.....They Thought She Was Feeling Happy And ill....But All Of The Sudden She Went Outside Of The Record Studio And Vomited Everywhere For Drinking Too Much...The Next Morning She Woke Up With A Vomit On Her Shirt.....She Has To Change It Into A Red One Simular To Robo's....Meanwhile.....Macey Was Watching The News On Her House.....She See Hatsune Miku For The First Time On TV With Danica Patrick On It.....The Party Was About To Be Set And All Of The SEGATOPIANS Are Sucked Into The Tube Into The Location On The Samba De Amigo State....And They All Cheer For Miku And Other Vocaloids Which Contains 14 Vocaloid Songs And Others As If The Concert Begins....

01: Catastrophe (Aiko And Ariella)

02: COPYCAT (Gumi)

03: ECHO (Gumi)

04: Common World Domination (Miku)

05: Life Reset Button (Gumi)

06: WILDFIRE!! (Gumi)

07: Remote Control (Rin And Len)

08: Ghost Rule (Miku)

09: OBEY (Lady Parsec)

10: Request Denied (BONES And Marie Ork)

11: World's End Dancehall (Miku And Luka)


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Main Characters Edit


Cam The Inkling

Toejam & Earl

Paper Pat

Hatsune Miku

Danica Patrick

The Squid Sisters

Kikyuune Aiko


Gumi Meggupo

Kagamine Rin And Len

Music Edit

Ain't No Sleep :

Catastrophe (Aiko And Ariella)



Common World Domination

Life Reset Button


Remote Control



Request Denied

World's End Dancehall