The Great Ball Is The First Episode Of SASASAWBK

Plot Edit

Macey And Cam Are Eating Egg Salad , But They Hear Is AiAi And His Family Running In The Ball , While They Almost Both Got Crushed , They Both Meet AiAi , They Tell Macey And Cam To Go On A Monkey Ball Testing Convention , Macey Try Out A Pink Ball , Cam Uses A Bubbler Because It's Her Favorite Special Weapon Since One Year Ago , Meanwhile Ryo Hazuki And His Little Sister Patrica (Aka Paper Pat) , Are At The Convention Looking For Macey And Cam , Sonic Guided Ryo And Pat Along With Billy hatcher And His Fan Kirby Krisis (TRC-Tooniversity) , Meanwhile...They Found Macey And Cam , Macey Said That The Monkey Ball Was Great , Paper Pat Invented The BubbleBall , She Was Testing Out The BubbleBall , She Thinks It Was Going To Be Sucess , Meanwhile At The Monkey Ball Track , AiAi , Cam , And Macey Are Riding On A Monkey Ball , Paper Pat Was Riding A BubbleBall , Macey Was Dodging Thinking That She Was Not Afraid Of Hights , Cam Was Running With A Bubbler , She Thinks It Was A MonkeyBall But Caught By A Monkey Cop , Giving Her A Ticket About A Bubbler , AiAi Was Also Dodging , Paper Pat Almost Got Motion Sickness , Letting Her Fall Into Accident , The BubbleBall Popped Her Open , Leaving Her Dizzy And Caught By Ryo Hazuki , He Said That The BubbleBall Is The Worst Pun That Did To Her , Sticks Saying That Cam Got A Ticket About A Bubbler , Sticks Is Talking To Banjo Kazooie About What Happened To Cam , She Was Caught By The Shadow Saying To Stop Fallowing Her , Macey Was In First Place , And AiAi Was In Second Place , Macey Found Cam , Cam Was In Third Place , Making Them A Three Way Tie , They Are Rewared Golden Bananas , Paper Pat Was Not In Fourth Place , But She Was Caught Cheating , Ryo Hazuki Said That She Will Try Out A Monkey Ball Instead , Leaving Her Saying That She Will Try

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Cam The Inkling
Ryo hazuki
Paper Pat

Supporting Characters Edit

Sticks The Badger
Billy Hatcher
Kirby Krisis (Guest Star)[1]

Trivia Edit

Kirby Krisis Is A Guest Star , See Him On Deviantart![2]
This Episode Focuses On AiAi From Monkey Ball

Techinal Difficulties Edit

While Macey Is Running On A Ball , Her Oregon Ducks Sweater Is Red
While Cam Is Running In A Bubbler Before It Popped , Her Ink Color Is Yellow
The Golden Banana Is Received To AiAi Macey And Cam , Cam's Shirt Is Black Instead Of White

Running Gags Edit

Macey And AiAi Running On A Ball
Cam Running On A Bubbler Before It Popped
Cam Running Backwards On A Bubbler

Gallery Edit

Cam Smiling

Cam Smiling After A Taste Of EggSalad

Macey Trapped

Macey Is Trapped In A Ball

AiAi Meets Paper Pat

AiAi Waving To Paper Pat


Macey Waving To Ryo Hazuki

Cam Showing Her Teeth To Billy Hatcher And His Fan

Cam Showing Her Teeth To Billy And Kirby (Sorry For The Bad Cap Drawing)

Bubble Ball

Paper Pat's BubbleBall