Stop Following Me! - Sticks Yelling At Her Shadow
Sticks the Badger is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom

series. She is a wacky anthropomorphic jungle badger and a force of nature in every way. Since childhood, she has been living alone and flourishing in the wilderness and is therefore new to friends in general.[5][2] She eventually formed a strong bond with Team Sonic and joined them as their wild card in their ongoing battles against Dr. Eggman.

According to Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Chief Content Officer for the Sonic Brand, Sega of America, "Sticks is a significant addition to the Sonic Boom universe and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise" and is meant to form the core ensemble featured throughout the Sonic Boom franchise alongside Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles. Helping round off the cast, she is meant to bring a quirky personality and perspective to the team dynamic and her character adds an endless amount of humor and surprise to the Sonic Team.[5]

According to Bill Freiberger, the impetus for creating Sticks is very often to deliver his message, and represents his point of view and belief system. This is the reason why Sticks will say something absurd, only to be proven correct in the end. In Freiberger's opinion, Sticks brings a healthy dose of cynicism to the series to counter the heroism of her friends, making her more akin to an anti-hero.[6]

Early artwork of Sticks shows she was supposed to have white sports tape for her hair locks and only have one eyelash. The sports tape was eventually changed to auburn strings and she ended up having two eyelashes.

Trivia Edit

Her Theme Song Is Confront! You Look So Cool! By Kasane Teto
Kasane Teto Is Also Sticks' Best Friend
Her Weapon Is A Bamboozler 14 Mk II She Snipes Opponents Same As Her Boomerang , She Assists Teto Kasane By Using Her Come On! , Teto Has Her Bento Splatscope To Snipe Other Opponents
She Hates Her Shadow Because It Fallows Her , She Thinks It's Getting On Her Nerves
Sticks Was Confirmed For Mario And Sonic At The RIO 2016 OLYMPICS

【Kasane Teto】Confront! You Look So Cool!【UTAU Animation-PV】

【Kasane Teto】Confront! You Look So Cool!【UTAU Animation-PV】

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