SEGA Superstars Adventure Season 1 Is The First Season , Theese Only Have 20 Episodes And Had One Special

Sonic Colors "Reach for the Stars (Full)" Main Theme Music

Sonic Colors "Reach for the Stars (Full)" Main Theme Music

The Main Theme For Season 1

The Great Ball

Macey And Cam Are On A MonkeyBall Con

The FunHouse Of The Dead

Macey Has A Feeling About Her Monster Parents

Going Bonanza

Macey Meets The Bonanza Brothers

Vamos A Carnaval

Act One: Macey Starts A Cool Party Along With Miku! Act Two: Macey Ends Up With The Chipspeech And Alter Ego Friends (With Other Vocaloids) To Save All Of The Vocaloids And Others (Inspired By The Fairly Oddparents Episode School's Out!)

Fighting Championship

Akira And Jacky Opens A Fighting Contest , Meanwhile The Bonanza Brothers Falls For Haruka Nana And Kane Tomo

Paper Pat's Boyfriend?

Paper Pat Was Heartbroken...She Has To Find A Real Boyfriend....Meanwhile Big The Cat Teaches His Friends How To Fish.....

Opa Opa's Story

Opa Opa Tells The Truth About It's Homeworld....Meanwhile Knuckles Joins The Arm Wreslting Convention.....

Music Dilemma

Cam Gets An Ear Worm! Meanwhile Mobo Bonanza Turns Into A Humanoid (Based On Mettaton) (Inspired By A Spongebob Episode EarWorm)

Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt Joins SEGATOPIA

Planet Of The Inklings

Cam And Her Friends Discovers The Lost City Of Inkopolis (Inspired By A Futurama Episode Leela's Homeworld And A Bicyclops Built For Two)

Insane Amount Of Luck

Paper Pat Creates A Sugar That Turns Everybody Insane And There Is The Two Only Humans Macey And Danica Patrick Are Finding A Cure (Inspired By A Futurama Episode The Day The Earth Stood Stupid)

Super Knuckles

Knuckles Accidently Fell Into A Toxic Well That Turns Him Into A Super Hero (Inspired By Superman)

Cam The Friendly Ghoul

Cam Ends Up In A Zombie World And Tries To Get Her Normal Body Back

Night Of The WereHogs

Paper Pat Accidently Turns Everyone (Expect For Macey, Cam, Zobio, And Zobiko, Zombia And Others) Into WereCreatures

Super Knuckles II

Knuckles Give His Friends Super Powers By Giving Them Toxic Juice (Inspired By Muscular Beaver 4)

Banjo Kazooie VS Yooka Laylee

Banjo Faces Off With Yooka , Meanwhile Toejam & Earl Are Creating Another Rap Music With The Help Of WildStyle

Big NiGHTS In The Trailer

Macey And Her Friends Are Stuck In A Trailer With NiGHTS Meanwhile Outside Of Her Dream.....Paper Pat Stays Up All Night Watching Her Favorite Movie

Jippity Jumpity

Macey And Her Friends Gain Their Hopping Abilities To Bounce

Squid Wars

After The Events Of Planet Of The Inklings...Cam Goes On A Turf War....

The Story Box

The Three Part StoryBox Contains 9 Stories

01: The Spiecie Game (Characters Swapped Races And Go Splatoon Style)

02: Paper Pat DeTooned! (Paper Pat Transformed Into A Barbie Inspired Character_

03: Attack Of The 50ft Superstars (The Sega Superstars Expect For Eggman And His Minions Turn Into Giants)

04: Talk About Wrecked! (Ralph Meets The Superstars)

05: The Omnitrix Of Fury (Paper Pat Accidently Opened A Box Of Omnitrix Which Causes Her Friends To Turn Into Aliens Expect For Her And Macey And Cam)

06: A Woody Of My Own (Wild Woody Falls For Magical Pop'n Princess)

07: Planet Of The Babies (Paper Pat Was Kidnapped By Toddlers.....Only Our Heroes Can Save Her....(Even Wario And Waluigi And The Bonanza Bros)

08: The Curse Of The Were

The Superstars VS Pooh's Adventures

Before The Events Of Season 2...They Start A War Against Pooh's Adventure