Going Bonanza Is The 3rd Episode Of SASASAWBK

Plot Edit

Macey And Her Friends Are In The Saturday Night Dance Party , Toejam And Earl Set Up The BoomBox Along With Amigo , They Set Up A Song "Ode To Sharla" , But Soon...Toejam Is Starting The Flashback Writers After The Music , Macey Is About To Talk About Her Flashback , In The Flashback...Macey Was Taking A Nap With Cam , Meanwhile They Woke Up And Saw The Bonanza Bros Doing The Draw , When She Met Them , She Trys To Make Them Both Get Up Is To Tickle The Feet Of Them , Cam Can Hear Them Laughing , She Puts Two Pillows On Her Ears And She Closes The Curtains Of The Window , Making Her Trying Not To Hear It , Robo Says That She Will Be A Theif , Meanwhile Macey , Robo And Mobo Soon Meets Up Ryo Hazuki And His Little Sister Paper Pat (Where Toejam And Earl Are In Town Helping People Bring Money To Them) , Paper Pat Says That Her Clothes Look Different , But Soon She Ends Up Doing A Pee Pee Dance , Ryo Hazuki Saying That Paper Pat Is Not Dancing , She Needs To Pee , And Paper Pat Ends Up Into The Bathroom , In The Girls Bathroom , Cam Washes Her Face With Green Ink , When She Came Outside , Cam Soon Meets Up Mobo , Mobo Says That She Came From Inkopolis , Cam Soon Ran Away , When Paper Pat Came Out Of The Bathroom , She Says That She's Done , Meanwhile , Macey Trys Out Stealing An Expensive Golden Teddy Bear , She Was Told By Robo And Mobo , She Steals And They Ran Off To The Get Away Wagon , Macey Was Jumped To The Escape Blimp Throwing Many Bombs She Can , Meanwhile When The Bros Stopped , The Bonanza Brothers Ran Away And Macey Ended Up In Jail , Meanwhile Macey Was Met Up By Cam , Cam Buys A Golden Teddy Bear For Macey , When The Police Trys To Open Up A Cage Letting Her Out , Macey Was Caught By The Judge , The Judge Will Chose What Macey Will Get Punished Or Not Punished , But Eggman Says Punished And Macey Ended Up Drinking Too Many Juice , When She Got Full , Eggman Was Caught Arrested By The Police , Throwing Him Out Of Court , When Macey Got Juiced By Paper Pat's New Invention , The Juicer 400 , Macey Was Fully Juiced And Slimmed Up She Does A Group Hug To Cam , Pat , Robo , Mobo , Ryo Hazuki , Toejam , And Earl , The Flashback Has Ended , Leaving The Saturday Night Dance Party To Continue , They Set Up "DJ Got Us Falling In Love" Causing The Superstars To Dance

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

The Bonanza Brothers
Cam The Inkling

Supporting Characters Edit

Ryo hazuki
Paper Pat
Toejam & Earl
Big The Cat

Trivia Edit

This Episode Focuses On The Bonanza Brothers
Toejam And Earl Made Their First Appearance In This Episode

Techincal Difficulties Edit

Macey Came Down Stairs From Her House , Her Red Shirt Is Green
While Paper Pat Is Doing A Pee Pee Dance Ryo Hazuki's Brown Coat Is Black

Running Gags Edit

The Superstars Dancing
Macey Being Forced To Drink Red Juice
Paper Pat Doing A Pee Pee Dance Before Being Ended In The Girls' Bathroom
ToeJam And Earl Being Given By People's Money

Gallery Edit

Juice Inflation

Macey Drinking Red Juice Before Eggman Get Arrested

Kidz Bop Kids - DJ Got Us Falling in Love

Kidz Bop Kids - DJ Got Us Falling in Love

The Music Video Of The Episode