Hello Little Monkey - Alex Kidd Talking To AiAi
Alex Kidd was Sega's previous mascot until the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis reached fame and Sonic the Hedgehog replaced him. Alex Kidd's most prominent features are his large pointed ears, red jumpsuit and enormous sideburns.

Hailing from the Planet Aries, he is trained in the martial art of Shellcore, which enables one to alter the size and toughness of their hands through sheer willpower, and break objects as strong as solid rock with their fists alone. Whilst he initially lived alone as an orphan on Mount Eternal, he learns from a dying man that he is in fact a lost member of the Radaxian Royal Family, son of King Sander Radaxian and brother of Prince Igul, the latter of whom had been kidnapped along with his fiancé, Princess Lora, by an usurper known as Janken the Great.

As a result, Alex Kidd set out on a journey to restore the kingdom, discover the whereabouts of his father, rescue his brother, and put an end to Janken's uprising. After he succeeds, Prince Igul is crowned King of Radaxian, and Alex Kidd, with his martial arts, is granted the position of Defender of the City. However, he eventually sets out on another journey later on to search for his missing father.

Trivia Edit

He Is A Former Mascot Of SEGA , But He Was Sometimes Friends With Sonic
His Weapon Is A Wasabi Splattershot
He Was An Underrated Character Same As Big The Cat

Alex Kidd in Miracle World Music (50Hz) - Main Theme (Alex Kidd)

Alex Kidd in Miracle World Music (50Hz) - Main Theme (Alex Kidd)

If You Hate Him , I Respect Your Opinion

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