I Am Akira - Akira Meets Billy Hatcher
Akira Yuki (結城 晶, Yūki Akira) is a recurring character from the Virtua Fighter

series. He has been in the series ever since the first game. Akira fights using Bājíquán (八極拳; meaning "Eight Extremities Fist"), a Chinese martial art originated in the Hebei province of China. Despite being the titular character of the series he is one of the harder fighters to master. He is also known for being hot-blooded and impulsive.

Trivia Edit

Akira Is Jacky Bryant's Cousin Since Sonic And SEGA All Star Racing
His Weapon Is A Custom Dual Squechler

Custom Dual Squelcher HQ

Cammy (Street Fighter) Is Akira Yuki's Girlfriend

Virtua Fighter AST Theme of Akira

Virtua Fighter AST Theme of Akira